About Us

From 2013-2016, this online magazine worked to unearth what Salem, Oregon, is — its quirks, its people, its unique stories waiting to be revealed. Salem Is published its last stories in March 2016, but the archives live on for others to find the numerous unsung pieces of Salem that make it a vibrant community.

We published Salem-based narratives in many forms, from feature articles to photo galleries to first-person essays, all created by the talented writers and artists who live in this city. Salem Is focused on interesting stories that were well-told, stories that made you see Salem in a different light.

Learn more about our formation in our introductory article, “This is Salem Is.” Or read about why we finally came to a close in our farewell essay, “This is the End.”

Still want to contact us? Email editor Sarah Evans at sarah@salemis.org.


Sarah Evans worked as a newspaper reporter for seven years before switching sides to become a PR and marketing writer. She has a bachelor’s in journalism and an MFA in creative writing, which means she’ll never make much money, but she always shows, never tells, and knows how to use an apostrophe correctly. Contact: sarah@salemis.org.

Copy Editors

Megan Crandall
Scott Johnson


Diane Beals, photographer
Brian Blair, writer
William Bragg, photographer
Lori Cain, photographer
Jennifer Carley, photographer
Beth Casper, writer
Helen Caswell, photographer
David Craig, writer
Erin Dahl, writer
Antonia Decker, writer
Phil Decker, photographer
Kate Erickson, writer
Jesse Farrah, photographer
Sarah Fishler Rice, photographer
Laura Gildart Sauter, writer
Bob Gersztyn, photographer
Chris Hagan, writer and photographer
Brian Hart, videographer
Stephanie Hazen, photographer
Shelley Joyce, photographer
Beverly Kanewske, photographer
Anne Lapour, writer
Frank Miller, photographer
Melaney Moisan, writer
Diane Navarrete, writer
Gil Nicholson-Nelson, photographer
Rob Owen, writer
Summer Pommier, photographer
Jessica Ramey, photographer
Erik Schmidt, writer
Diane Stevenson, photographer
Vicky Falcon-Vazquez, writer
Tiffany Vu, writer
Angela Yeager, writer
Joel Zak, photographer
Greg Zurbrugg, photographer

Technical Assistant

Laura Levin

Graphic Designer

Susan Blettel


Sarah Evans
Chris Hagan