Salem in One Image: Part 3

Last summer, we asked you to take a deeper look at the city around you — and we started the Instagram hashtag #salemis to give you a place to show us what you found.

Our interactive art project — in collaboration with the organizers of “be” — later included a video of all your photos. We picked ten and asked you to vote on your favorite.

Today we present the winner: South Salem resident Jessica Amos. The 33-year-old is married with two children and has lived in Salem for 14 years. She is the creator and facilitator of the online story co-op Stay with Yourself, a place for people to tell true stories about their lives as a vehicle for fostering empathy, healing and connection.

She also loves documenting her daily life through photography, often taking several dozen images each day. Her winning photo features muffins with blueberries from Minto Island Growers. We sat down with her to discuss photography, food and what Salem means to her.

During the coming months, you’ll hear from all ten of our favorite photo submitters. Check back to learn who they are and the stories behind their images — and get to know a few more people in your community.