Salem in One Image: Part 2

In July, Salem Is and “be” teamed up to ask a simple question: If you had to capture what Salem is in one photo, what would it be?

The response was 235 pictures submitted by 24 people on Instagram using the hashtag #salemis. It was exciting to watch all the different photos of Salem pop up in my Instagram feed.

One of my favorite parts of this interactive project was to see each person’s take on what Salem means to them. These amazing pictures shared common themes, but there were some unique takes on our town as well.

There was, of course, the Capitol Building, good food, beautiful scenery, and … well, I don’t want to spoil it. Check out this video for yourself — it includes all 235 pictures for you to enjoy. We promise they will go by a little slower than in our first video.

Even though part 2 is complete, please keep tagging your Instagram photos #salemis. We’d love to continue seeing your representations of Salem.

And stay tuned for part 3 of this project in the near future. We think you are going to like this part best of all …

Pick Your Favorite

We chose 10 of our favorite submissions from part 2, and now we want to hear which one you like best. Vote on your favorite photo. We’ll be inviting the winning submitter to play a special role in part 3 of this project.

View Part 1

Did you miss part 1 of this project? It included a video of every Instagram picture with the hashtag #salemor. View it here.

Brian Hart is co-organizer of “be,” a company working to create a connected community and to inspire people to embrace their creative individuality.